Bar & Bat-Mitzvah celebration in Israel

Thousands of Jewish families from all over the world come to Israel every year to celebrate their children´s Bar and Bat Mitzvah.

The devoted and professional team of Spiritual Israel Tours have hosted over the years, many hundreds of families for memorable and moving Bat & Bar-Mitzvah celebrations.
Let us build for you the most special program for your once in a life time event, and provide you with the nicest and most meaningful tour and itinerary for your stay in Israel.
The event and ceremony we can conduct in some of the most beautiful sites in Israel, such as:
The Western Wall, an Army base, an ancient Synagogue in the Golan Heights, Ancient Tzfat, Masada, the desert, and other enchanted sites.
Our concept events for Bar & Bat-Mitzvah Celebrants, have reached world fame.
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