Spa for the soul

The concept program, "spa for the soul", was built specially for the modern woman. 

The program will provide you with a meaningful and inspiring experience that activates all senses. Enjoy a variety of programs for women only, such as:

  • Styling and Spirituality" – Harmony between inner and outer beauty."
  • Women empowerment and spirituality according to Kabbalah.
  • Meditations and workshops on purity of soul and body, in natural springs of the Galilee.
  • Galilean cosmetics and healing herbs.
  • "The soul of the artist" - A spiritual recreation journey.
  • "Feminine journeys" - meeting special women who are world class spiritual mentors.
  • And much more…

Spiritual Israel News

  • December 2016-2017

    Join us for a special seminar and experience of light in Jerusalem and the Galilee. A must experience for all visitors to Israel on Hanukah. Read More

    Hanukah – The Holiday of Light
  • April-May 2016/2017

    Join us for a special seminar and the experience of Passover in the Galilee, as the beautiful nature of hills and valleys is blooming in many colors, is the perfect time and location for the spiritual experience of Passover. Read More

    The Spring experience in the Galilee