Spiritual Israel Seminars

Spiritual Israel Tours is offering a variety of intellectually stimulating and inspiring seminars together with fascinating study days, on topics related to spirituality, culture and history, using the best lecturers and teachers.

Many groups arrive in Israel with the intention to learn more and connect with the roots of world cultures and spiritual paths, through understanding the history, faiths and customs of Jewish and Biblical origin.
The seminars of Spiritual Israel Tours last between 1-3 days, in the middle of the week or on weekends, and are held in Jerusalem area or in the Galilee. It´s possible to create a longer seminar up to 7 days, or combine the seminar with other educational, spiritual or tourist program.
Here are some examples of our seminars:

  • Jewish Spirituality and Kabbalah in the modern world
  • The Bible as a guide book for spiritual growth
  • Jewish symbolism
  • Archeology and spiritual worship sites in Israel
  • Jewish spiritual Healing traditions and the teachings of Maimonides
  • Jewish philosophy, eastern and western traditions

Seminars on the Calendar:

  • Sukkot – the Holyday of Tabernacles – Divine energies of peace and unity
  • Hannukah – the Holyday of light – the meaning of light and numerology in Jewish Mysticism
  • Passover – universal liberation of the Soul of man. ´Seder Pesach´.
  • Shavuot – receiving the Torah – the Ten Commandments in Kabbalah and world traditions.

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