Hanukah – The Holiday of Light
Dec. 2016, Dec. 2017

Join us for a special seminar and experience of light in Jerusalem and the Galilee (1-3 days) The ´Hanukia´ Menorah tours of Old City Jerusalem and the ancient Jewish Quarter of Tzfat, are an unforgettable moving experience of spiritual illumination and fascinating contents. A must experience for all visitors to Israel on Hanukah.

Programs may include:

An educational and experiential tour following the Hanukiot (Menorahs): meeting with different styles of lighting the Menorahs, and ancient traditions.
On the tour, we´ll see the alleyways of Israel´s most ancient and spiritual cities, illuminated by the spiritual light of the pure olive oil of the beautiful traditional Menorahs, in many styles and designs.

We´ll enjoy fascinating lectures and presentations, such as:
The secret of the Menorahs: how do we light them and why? What is the advantage of the Menorahs over the Candelabra in the Holy Temple? How did the miracle of Hanukah happen 2,300 years ago? How do we bring miracles into our lives?
The historical, spiritual and cultural backgrounds to the story of Hanukah: the Jewish wisdom Vs. the Greek philosophy, heroism and self sacrifice, the miracles of the war.
Numerology, colors and light according to Jewish spirituality, Kabbalah and mysticism.
A musical Klezmer performance – Jewish Soul Music with explanations and fascinating stories.


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