Spiritual Retreats

As a unique experience, or in addition to the weeklong spiritual tour of Israel, the Spiritual Israel Retreats, are a must experience, for those wishing to enrich their program with a meaningful and memorable experience.

The retreats that are held in a specific region, the Galilee, the Desert or the Dead Sea area, provide a rare opportunity to enjoy an empowering and inspiring experience, in an enchanting ambience of tranquility and relaxation, connecting with the unique spiritual energy of each site.
Here are some examples of the experiences in the different retreats of 3-5 days:

Desert Retreats

Sleep over at Moa Resort, Nof Zuqim and Beresheet Resort
Desert meditations, night tours of the desert and the ancient caravans routes, ´In the footsteps of the Tabernacle´ - 42 spiritual journeys, desert medicinal herbs workshop, organic agricultural initiatives in the desert, Timna and King Solomon´s mines, mystical tour of Ramon Crater and the Negev craters, ancient symbols on desert rocks – what´s in them? ´Oasis in the deserts´ – the secrets of the Wellspring of Miryam, Kabbalah study – Torah, prayer and meditation. Music and bonfire at magical sites, camels´ tours, sleep in a tent in the desert or under the open sky.

Dead Sea and Judea Retreats

Sleep over at Zman Midbar and Ein Gedi Resort
The spiritual wisdom of the ancient Hebrews, the secrets of the Hidden Scrolls and what has not yet been revealed, sunrise meditations in Masada and the Dead Sea, spa treatments at Ein Gedi resort and spring, spring tours, floating and special experiences at the Dead Sea, study of ancient mystical texts: Book of Creation and ´HaBahir´, visit Abraham´s Tent, a special visit to the ancient Cave of Makhpela – a most powerful experience of meditation and prayer,

Tzfat and Galilee Retreat

Sleep over at Tzfat – the City of Kabbalah
Zohar tour – in the footsteps of the Classical Kabbalah text of 2nd Century – a visit to Peqi´in village Mount Meron and the Idra Cave, Study of 16th Century Kabbalah – the writings of the Holy Ari, tours of unifications and meditations of Kabbalistic gravesites, Kabbalah and Art workshops, meditation with Kabbalistic music, ´the Secret´ workshop on DNA of the soul, Tour of Ancient Tzfat and Tiberia, Kabbalah and intimacy workshop, immersing in ancient spring and ritual baths, Galilean nature tour, Maimonides healing methods and medicinal herbs of the Galilee, a cruise on the Sea of Galilee.


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