Celebrating the First Haircut

In the Jewish tradition, this is one of the most special and exciting events.

Many families around the world grow the hair of their boys, without cutting it until they reach the age of three.
The celebration of the first haircut is done with great happiness, with special blessings, uplifting prayers, recitation of special Biblical verses, and special customs that add joy to the celebration.
Many celebrants come to Israel to celebrate the special event following the tradition of doing the first haircut at Mount Meron in the Galilee,
By the gravesite of the sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the famous Kabbalah book – The Zohar
We, at Spiritual Israel Tours expertise in producing and conducting the First Haircut celebration in the most memorable way. Many families choose to celebrate with us their special ceremony, and are forever thankful for the special memories they carry with them.
In addition to the ceremony, the music, the Rabbi and the special contents, we´ll arrange for you all it takes to make your stay in Israel most meaningful and joyful.
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