Wedding Ceremonies & renewal of vows

"If a husband and wife are worthy, the Divine Presence dwells between them" (the Talmud)

There is no happier, exciting and moving event in a person´s life like his wedding ceremony. We, at Spiritual Israel Tours know how to produce the most special and memorable wedding ceremonies. We combine the most special productions with the most enchanted sites in Israel. It could be at the desert, facing Masada, in Jerusalem, an ancient synagogue in the Galilee, Caesarea on the beach, an ancient private house in Jaffa, the ´Valley of Love´, or any other location you´ll choose. We know how to produce an event with hundreds (or more) people, or for smaller groups for an unforgettable intimate event. Our events production team will take care of all details, big or small, and of course will know how to add the spiritual and meaningful content to your special event. We also specialize in producing meaningful and spiritual ceremonies for renewal of vows,

and of the marriage, adding a meaningful and empowering experience

for marital life and relationships. Our special team would love to provide

you with more details and help you plan your special event.


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